Local Chiropractor Invited to Olympic Trials in Support of U.S. Athletes

Posted on 6-19-2024

[Photo Credit: Dr. Jackson Draeger – via YouTube public post]

Dr. Jackson Draeger, owner of Midwest Pain Solutions, has been invited to the U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon, to treat some of the nation’s top athletes. Recognized for his pioneering approach to pain management, Dr. Draeger will apply advanced chiropractic treatments and utilize his practice’s high-intensity therapeutic laser to enhance recovery times and optimize performance for athletes vying for a spot on the Olympic team.

Dr. Draeger’s expertise in high-intensity laser therapy, a non-invasive treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to accelerate the body’s natural healing process, makes him a sports recovery specialist in high demand. This innovative therapy stimulates cellular activity, increases blood flow, and reduces inflammation, significantly shortening recovery times for injuries and accelerating healing by 15 to 20 percent. This treatment is particularly beneficial for decathletes and heptathletes who require rapid recovery to perform at their best.

“I am honored to support these incredible athletes as they pursue their Olympic dreams,” said Dr. Draeger. “Our high-intensity laser therapy has shown remarkable results in speeding up recovery, and I’m excited to see the positive impact it will have on their performance.”

Joining Dr. Draeger at the Olympic Trials will be his brother, and also his father, Dr. Curt Draeger, who developed Midwest Pain Solutions’ proprietary 500-watt therapeutic lasers. Dr. Curt Draeger has been a leading chiropractor for U.S. decathlon and heptathlon athletes since 2004, providing his services at Olympic Games in Athens, Beijing, London, and Rio.

The 2024 Olympic Trials begin on Friday, June 21st, and Dr. Draeger will start treating athletes on Thursday, June 20th. 

About Midwest Pain Solutions:

Trusted by both athletes and the general public, Midwest Pain Solutions works with patients to relieve acute and chronic pain. Using chiropractic care, high-intensity laser therapy (HILT), and other treatments, Dr. Jackson Draeger creates customized plans to address the root cause of pain instead of just masking it. HILT was pioneered by Midwest Pain Solutions, and the proprietary technology continues to be used in every treatment plan. For more information about Dr. Jackson Draeger and the services offered at Midwest Pain Solutions’ clinics in Green Bay and Appleton, Please Click Here.