Luxemburg-Casco “Grows” Participation in Farm-to-School Program

Posted on 3-27-2024

The Luxemburg-Casco School District is among a growing number of districts – now more than 67,000 nationwide – to participate in the Farm to School program (F2S) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Farm-to-school programs, whose focus is on delivering healthy foods to children while supporting rural economic development and local farmers, also provide economic benefits, according to 2023 research by Cornell University. Increases in local food spending often drive expansion of related farm and food-product industries.

The program promotes the use of locally and regionally grown foods in schools, according to L-C Food Service Director Deb Pockl:

“What a great learning opportunity it is for our students to see where their food comes from,” said Pockl. “We also strongly believe in supporting our local businesses, and the Farm to School program gives us the chance to do that.”

A multi-faceted program with a variety of components and initiatives, the structure of F2S provides school districts with the flexibility to tailor their individual program to the assets and needs of their home area. L-C has opted to place its focus on local purchasing, along with serving produce grown on-site by its students.

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