Port of Green Bay Hires Sheep to Manage Vegetation at Renard Island

Posted on 5-22-2024

Unexpectedly, but true, the Port of Green Bay has awarded a contract to Wooly Green Grazers of Appleton for vegetation management at Renard Island. Throughout the growing season, three groups of sheep will graze the island, with groups moved to a new area every day or two. It will take an estimated 35 days to graze the whole island. After the first round of grazing is complete, the sheep will begin again.

“This is a pilot project to determine the effectiveness of grazing compared to biannual mechanical mowing,” explained Mark Walter Business Development Manager for the Port of Green Bay. “In addition to being a cost effective and environmentally friendly maintenance method, we’re looking forward to the added benefits of invasive species control and soil fertilization. We’re really looking forward to seeing how this pilot progresses.”

Because Renard Island is not currently open to the public, measures will be put in place to secure and monitor the Wooly, Green Grazers. The public is strongly urged, for their own safety and the safety of the sheep, to abide by the posted No Trespassing sign.

Learn more about the Port of Green Bay HERE.