Raising Awareness About Safe Behavior at Rail Crossings in Wisconsin

Posted on 11-09-2022

Photo Credit: Canadian National Railway Company

Last year in North America, there were over 3,100 collisions with trains, resulting in over 1,000 serious injuries or fatalities.

The only safe and legal place for pedestrians to cross train tracks is at a designated railroad crossing. Vehicles should never drive around or under a lowered crossing gate arm and they must make sure to stop no closer than 15 feet away from the nearest rail. They should never stop on the tracks, and they should proceed only if they are sure they can completely clear the crossing without stopping. Remember, the train is much wider than the tracks on both sides.

“Safety is a core value at CN (Canadian National Railway Company) and we want to take every opportunity to raise awareness on safe behavior around rail. It is our job to make sure that the residents of Wisconsin knows that the only safe and legal place to cross railroad tracks is at a designated railroad crossing,” said Jon Bondra, Inspector, CN Police. “It is important for CN Police officers to engage the population on the dangers related to a railroad incident. We want everyone to Be Rail Smart; Stop, Look, Listen, Live.”

Some Useful Safety Tips at Rail Crossings

Be alert when approaching a railroad crossing.

Obey all railroad signs and warning devices, such as lights, bells and gates.

Trains can come at any time, from either direction, and on any track. They also do not always run on a set schedule.

Cross only after the warning signals have ceased and you are certain no other trains are approaching, from either direction, on any track.

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