Red Cross of Wisconsin Says: Be Prepared!

Posted on 8-25-2022

(GREEN BAY, Wis., Aug. 23rd, 2022) —  September is National Preparedness Month, and the American Red Cross of Wisconsin urges everyone to get ready for these emergencies now.

Last year, more than 40% of Americans — some 130 million people — were living in a county struck by a  disaster, according to analysis from the Washington Post. Disasters can happen anywhere, anytime. You can learn how to get ready by visiting

3 Easy Steps

Three easy steps can help to keep your family safe during disasters: 1. Get a Kit; 2. Make a Plan; and 3. Be Informed.

Build your emergency kit with a gallon of water per person, per day, non-perishable food, a flashlight and a battery-powered radio. Also include a first aid kit, medications, supplies for infants or pets, a multi-purpose tool and personal hygiene items. And don’t forget to add copies of important papers, cell phone chargers, blankets, maps of the area and emergency contact information.

Plan what to do in case you are separated from your family during an emergency and what to do if you have to evacuate. Make sure to coordinate your plan with your child’s school, your work and your community’s emergency plans.

Stay informed by finding out what emergency situations may occur where you live, work and go to school, how local officials will contact you during a disaster and how you will get important information, such as evacuation orders.

Include your pets in your emergency plans.

Remember, if you and your family need to evacuate, so does your pet. It’s important to plan in advance to know which pet-friendly hotels are in your area, and where your pets can stay in an emergency situation.

Take any special considerations into account as part of your emergency planning. Older adults or people with mobility, hearing, learning or seeing disabilities may need to create a support network of people that can help during an emergency. Create a plan that takes into account your capabilities, any help you may need and who can provide it, especially if you need to evacuate or if the power goes out for several days.