Wenz Home Furniture Wants to Help You Save Time, Money, & Stress!

Posted on 12-17-2020

Why should you work with a furniture & design expert for your next home update?

Save Time:
Wenz will do the product research so you don’t have to.
Wenz will help you narrow down your options & make decisions.

Save Money:
Wenz’ design services are FREE!
Time is money! Wenz will respect your timeline & get you fast results.
Take advantage of Wenz perks like FREE local delivery & Their Instant Savings Program.

Less Stress:
Wenz’ goal is to simplify the process so you can fully enjoy your experience with them.
They believe furniture buying should be fun!

Book a FREE design consultation today to get started. The friendly folks at Wenz are available to assist you virtually or in-store at 1693 Main Street, Green Bay!

Wenz Home Furniture

At its core, Wenz Furniture is about caring for the customer. We genuinely care about finding the right solutions that will suit your needs and bring you happiness for years to come! We are constantly looking for ways to serve you better, and provide service that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Why do we do it? Because it allows us to connect with our customers and make an impact on their lives! In the words of Chris Wenz, “It’s a very intimate thing that we sell. Our customers have furniture with our name on it in their homes. Every day they touch, and feel, and use it, from the beds they tuck their children into at night, to the kitchen table they gather around to talk and make life decisions. We feel connected to their lives and we do more than anyone else to make sure they’re happy.”