Social Security Spousal Benefits

Posted on 5-27-2021

This week, Craig Siminski, of CMS Retirement Income Planning, shares an article offering an overview of spousal benefits, which could make a big difference in funding retirement for a married couple:

More than 2.3 million Americans currently receive Social Security spousal benefits. The average benefit is almost $800 per month, and some spouses receive significantly more.

These valuable benefits can make a big difference in funding retirement for a married couple and might result in higher total benefits, even if both spouses have their own work records.

Basic Spousal Benefits

To receive a spousal benefit, you generally must be age 62 or older and married for at least one year to an eligible worker who is receiving or has filed for Social Security benefits. The maximum spousal benefit is equal to 50% of your spouse’s primary insurance amount (PIA), the amount he or she would receive at full retirement age.

If you elect to receive a spousal benefit before your full retirement age, you will receive a permanently…

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