St. John’s Ministries to Begin Season With Only One Shelter

Posted on 10-30-2023

Staff Shortage Forcing Temporary Closing of Women’s Shelter

GREEN BAY, Wis. (10-30-2023) – St. John’s Ministries will begin the 2023-24 shelter season, which opens this week, on Wednesday, November 1st, with just one shelter for adult men and women due to staffing shortages.

After months of staff recruiting and planning, Executive Director Jesse Brunette made the decision, along with board of directors’ approval, to return to a single co-ed shelter. Even with the consolidation to one shelter to begin the 2023-24 season, St. John’s Ministries still has just over 25 percent of its shelter shifts unfilled.

“I want to reiterate that St. John’s Ministries will continue to provide shelter services to adult men and women in our community,” Brunette said. “We need to begin the season with one shelter because of staffing issues. We are facing the same staffing shortages that many organizations and businesses in our community are facing. We are not immune to the challenges and difficulties of providing a life-saving community service without having adequate staffing.”

“My heart is broken for the women in the community who need shelter,” Brunette continued. “They face trauma and abuse in their lives, and St. John’s Ministries will still provide shelter services, love, and resources to move forward. To start this shelter season men and women will be sheltered in one building until we can find more seasonal staff.”

Last year St. John’s Ministries sheltered a record 605 individuals (418 men and 187 women) with shelter services, warmth and a meal during the harsh winter months.

“After many meetings and careful thought, I decided it was best for women and men seeking shelter to be in one building,” Brunette said. “It just wouldn’t be smart to operate two shelters and attempt to provide full shelter services with the current level of staffing we have. The seasonal staff we have is outstanding and have a heart to serve. They are one of the key reasons we can operate as we do.”

Shelter shifts include support, security and shift leads that work from 4:00pm to 12:00am, or from 12:00am to 9:00am. If anyone wishes to apply for a seasonal position at St. John’ Ministries, they can do so HERE.  A weekly reevaluation process will occur to determine when the women’s shelter can reopen with adequate staffing levels.