St. Norbert College Announces Dargan Fellowship Award Winners

Posted on 5-09-2024

Three students, out of twenty-three applicants, have been announced as Dargan Fellows for the 2024-25 academic year.

The Dargan Fellowship Committee has selected Elizabeth Phipps as a two-time Dargan Fellow recipient, along with Zach Holmstrom and Adam Szubert as first-time Dargan Fellowship recipients.

Elizabeth continues to demonstrate academic excellence and professional competence. Her leadership qualities are actively on display within various communities and campus organizations all while maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA at St. Norbert College. Her time as a multi-year intern at AriensCo. has helped her achieve a comprehensive understanding of how communities and businesses work together. Finally, Elizabeth’s participation in finance-related extracurricular activities further highlights her as a model of academic dedication and professional readiness.

Zach embodies the core values of the Fellowship through his achievements as a student-athlete and his active engagement in student government and community service. Zach has demonstrated a perfect academic record and a commitment to leadership roles, fostering a spirit of effectiveness through collaboration everywhere he travels. His experience abroad and leadership in various campus clubs showcase his readiness to take on challenges in commerce wherever the road may take him, making Zach a deserving recipient of this Fellowship.

Adam distinguishes himself as a Dargan Fellow through his strategic approach to integrating his passion for sports with his economic studies. His experiences as a varsity hockey player and his evolving experiences in both sales and marketing provide him with unique insights into teamwork and leadership. Adam’s goal to bring new insights to the sports management industry through economic principles showcases his potential to impact how we watch and play sports significantly, making him an exemplary candidate for the Dargan Fellowship.

Each Dargan Fellow will receive a $5,535 award from the William E. Dargan Fellowship, which was created by alumni to honor the late professor and his 30 years of service to St. Norbert College.