TDS Making Progress on Fiber Optic Projects in Allouez

Posted on 7-25-2022

The first of roughly twelve TDS Fiber optic projects will begin as soon as next week along East River Drive from LeBrun Drive north to Hoffman Road.

Map of 1st 12 Weeks

Map of TDS fiberoptic placed in Allouez as of 7/20/2022

Residents will receive postcard and door hanger reminding them that construction will begin soon:

You will Notice:

Existing utilities being marked with colored flags that correspond to each utility to prevent any damage

Large TDS construction signs at your neighborhood’s entrance and smaller signs near your mailbox

TDS is committed to making the construction phase as easy as possible for you. We understand you may have questions about fiber construction. Here are some answers to questions asked most frequently:

Do TDS and construction crews have permission to be on my property?TDS has rights to access the designated utility easements, typically located within a strip of property running along the street, the sidewalk, the rear lot line, or between two lots. If the easement is within a fenced-in yard, crews will need your help accessing this area.

Will TDS restore the of areas of construction?Once construction is complete and weather permits, TDS will restore lawns in areas where digging occurred. Our crews make every effort to minimize impact to properties.

When can I remove the utility flags and/or paint in my yard? Markers and paint need to remain in place until construction of the network is complete.  

If residents have additional questions, they can visit or call 1-855-259-8576.