The Neil Anderson Canopy Tour is Open at NEW Zoo & Adventure Park!

Posted on 8-08-2022

The Neil Anderson Canopy Tour is the newest experience at the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park. The tour takes guests on a treetop walk from the Adventure Park to the NEW Zoo, going through trees and even crossing over animal habitats.

It’s a whole “new view” of the NEW Zoo!

Rules of the Neil Anderson Canopy Tour

When purchasing tickets, please ensure you are purchasing tickets for the correct tour start time of your choice.

You must arrive prior to the time listed on your tickets.

The Canopy Tour starts at the Adventure Park. Check-in at the Adventure Park Base Camp building to receive a wristband.

For safety, only 5 people are allowed on a bridge at one time. If your group is larger than 5 people, you will need to divide into groups of 5 or fewer people. Everyone counts towards that number – including children of all ages.

The Canopy Tour is a one-way experience.

No strollers, bikes, scooters, or wheelchairs are allowed.

Tours depart in all weather, except high winds and thunderstorms.

If you miss your scheduled tour time, you will be placed on the next available tour.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Everyone must follow all posted rules.

Canopy Tour Admission Rates

Adults: $8, Children (3-15): $6, Seniors (62+): $6, Children Under 3: FREE

Zoo Pass and Adventure Park Members receive a $1 discount on all paid tickets. You must be logged into your membership account when purchasing tickets; your discount will automatically apply.

The Neil Anderson Canopy Tour was made possible by the fundraising efforts of our supporting organization, the NEW Zoological Society. The experience includes over a dozen suspension bridges stretched between trees and posts, as well as several platforms that will feature educational graphics. The graphics will share stories about the history of the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park, as well as encourage guests to immerse themselves into the sights and sounds of the natural spaces around them.