The Wait is Over: Unext has Officially Launched!

Posted on 2-20-2020

Unext was founded by Alex Marchese, and Tyrone Powell – two UW-Green Bay students. They noticed two huge problems with college students:

75% of college students change their major at least once, and 43% of college graduates are underemployed for their first job after graduation. 

Students have limited resources and opportunities when it comes to making connections to businesses. Traditionally, students would only get connected to businesses if they got accepted for an internship or job; but this is a big commitment.

If an individual wanted to get first-hand exposure to a business that wasn’t through an internship/job, he/she had to contact companies directly, which is a daunting and difficult process for most, or have personal connections. 

Businesses also struggle to make connections with college students. Students don’t know about local companies other than those that are large employers. Businesses can do social media marketing, but this can be unsuccessful and very costly. Employers are looking for new ways to make meaningful connections with the incoming pool of talent.

Tyrone and Alex realized change needed to happen. They created Unext to help college students get connected with employers of all sizes, and for all types of opportunities.

Now, college students are able to make great connections with businesses, even if the employer is not currently hiring for any openings. Employers can post customizable and personalized opportunities only Unext provides  – along with other features that are unique to Unext. 

Moreover, on Unext, employers can post job-shadow opportunities to make valuable connections with students. Unext encourages all employers to utilize job-shadowing, because it can decrease turnover and increase company productivity.  Additionally, employers can use it to conduct training, they can incorporate it in the interview process to make sure the student will succeed in a role with the company, and it can also be used to identify whether or not the student will be a good fit for the culture of the business. 

Unext is offering Green Bay employers an awesome opportunity!

Right now, if you purchase a yearly subscription, you will get two years of premium for free! Do not miss out on this exclusive deal that ends in February. Save time, effort, and money when connecting and recruiting students by creating an account on Unext.

If you have questions, contact us at [email protected].

Login to Unext today at to increase your company’s exposure to local college campuses, and to start connecting with students.