Tubing on Ariens Hill Now Open for the 2023-2024 Season

Posted on 12-13-2023

Titletown tubes must be used in order to ride down Ariens Hill and will be provided at no cost. Riders must purchase a tubing ticket to use Ariens Hill, which are available in the Admissions building on the south side of Titletown, adjacent to the side of Ariens Hill.

Tube riders will descend from the top of Ariens Hill – at a height of 46 feet – down one of two tubing lanes, while tubes are being returned to the top of Ariens. Tubers must be at least 42” tall to go down Ariens Hill. Only one rider per tube. Sitting on laps is not permitted.

Tubing on Ariens Hill may be closed at any time if conditions are not optimal.

Pricing, Hours, and Waivers available HERE.