“Turn Back the Hands of Time” This Sunday!

Posted on 11-04-2021

Or, before you go to bed on Saturday night!

Two famous American singer-entertainers, Tyrone Davis and Cher, each are known for songs about turning back time.

For most of us living in the USA, the opportunity to turn back time rolls around once every year, as Daylight Saving Time comes to an end.

In the U.S., Daylight Saving Time starts on the second Sunday in March, and ends on the first Sunday in November, with the time changes taking place at 2:00am local time.

With a word play referring to seasons, clocks “spring forward”, or  “fall back”—that is, in spring the clocks are moved forward from 2:00am to 3:00am, and in  fall they are moved back from 2:00am to 1:00am. Daylight Saving Time lasts for a total of 34 weeks (238 days) every year, which is about 65% of the entire year.

While many or most of our various devices (smartphones, computers, tablets, etc) will adjust for the time change automatically, any of our manual devices will need the “human touch” — meaning we need to either change them back an hour at 2:00am on Sunday, November 7th, or anticipate the change by adjusting those devices before we go to bed Saturday night.

People who have pets — especially dogs and cats — who are accustomed to a regular feeding schedule, may want to phase in the meal time change gradually over a few days – making it easier on the furry family members!

Now, Enjoy Your “Extra Hour of Sleep!” as We “Fall Back!”