Unity Resale Shoppe: News, Sales, & Updates

Posted on 5-09-2024

Best of The Bay

Thanks to their amazing supporters, Unity Resale Shoppe made it through to the voting round for the Best of the Bay awards 2024 in the category Antique/Coins & Collectibles Store! They can use your help to win another title this year by voting for them in this category — up to once per day — every day until May 20th!

Unity Resale Shoppe … EAST!

Unity Resale Shoppe will be expanding to the east side of De Pere! This new (additional) location will be at 1302 South Broadway. As they embark on this journey, they warmly welcome your assistance and support in various forms, including spreading the word and providing in-kind donations.

Clearance Sales

For the month of May, BLACKDOTS/RIBBONS will be 50% off!

When shopping at Unity Resale Shoppe in May, be sure to look out for items with a BLACK DOT or clothing with a BLACK RIBBON!

Looking for a better deal? If you’re willing to take the risk, keep your eyes on any items with a BLACK dot/ribbon until the week of May 27th, when BLACK dots/ribbons will be 75% off!

Unity Hospice

Unity is the only locally owned and operated nonprofit hospice in the region. With over 40 years’ experience as an innovator in hospice and palliative care, we are here to deliver strength, compassion and support. We remain committed to reinvest our financial resources back into patient care to improve the wellbeing of those in our community.