Use Pool Envy’s “Clear Comfort” for a More Enjoyable Pool & Spa Experience

Posted on 12-05-2019

Chlorine smell, difficulty breathing, and red eyes often appear as the most common complaints of many hotel pool guests. And, a trip for mom and dad to the hot tub leading to a red and itchy rash and the feeling of burning, itchy, and dry skin are all common experiences in many swimming pools.

Keeping good quality water can prevent many of these common complaints and add value for guest facilities, or simply make a friend’s pool party safer and enjoyable. 

Many pool owners believe that pool care consists of dumping chlorine into the pool.  You or a friend may have at one time thought, “That chlorine smell means there must be too much chlorine in the pool.”

Actually, good quality chlorine doesn’t have a smell.  When chlorine combines with water it gets down to business.  It’s actually a fairly complicated process, but all you need to know is that chlorine combines with bad things in your pool and forms chloramines, and that is where the nostalgic and toxic “pool smell” comes from. 

The solution to this smell is break-point chlorination, a process that involves raising the chlorine level so that the chloramines (known as bound chlorine) get gobbled up by free chlorine.

Regular testing of pool chemicals is important to keep a swimming pool safe.  Residual chlorine needs to be free and available in a swimming pool to stop bad diseases from harming you. Chlorine is often referred to as sanitizer.  There are other chemicals that can sanitize a pool, but chlorine has proven highly effective in many situations with proper levels. 

Pool Envy exists to help all pool owners ensure that their pool is safe for swimming and that conditions that effect safety is reduced and minimized.  Pool Envy takes pool care to another level by ensuring properly sanitized pools, but we are advanced water care experts too.  Through the use of advanced oxidation process (AOP) we can make pools cleaner, clearer, and provide the best quality water.

AOP eliminates 99.99% of cryptosporidium on contact.  Cryptosporidium is parasite that is found in contaminated water – often associated with fecal accidents in swimming pools.  It puts the public at risk for very serious stomach and intestinal issues.  It can remain in the body upwards of five weeks, and it is very resistant to chlorine.  This is why if there are fecal accidents in a swimming pool – everybody get’s out.  Many of you may have heard that UV or ozone pool systems will kill this bug, but what they actually do is deactivate it. Even deactivated, you can still be swimming with hit whereas what we do by using AOP systems is eliminate and destroy, the far better and safer option. 

Hotels can benefit by using Pool Envy and our Clear Comfort product to create a more enjoyable pool and spa experience. Often, Clear Comfort can be installed within the existing pool system in just a few hours brining clearer, cleaner, and the best quality water.

Take a look at the photos above of a hot tub before and after Clear Comfort — Now, imagine what spa you’d rather your guests enjoy. 

Asthma and allergy sufferers can benefit from Clear Comfort too.

Clear Comfort can be installed in residential pools and works to help lower your total pool operation cost, and realize savings in the form of electricity, chemicals, and safety. 

Please contact pool envy if you would like your pool to look as good as the pools they service.  Do you have an indoor pool and would you like to improve the air quality in your facility or home, with Pool Envy and Clear Comfort, you can do exactly that!