UW-Green Bay Sees Record-Setting Spring Enrollment

Posted on 4-24-2024

A new Spring enrollment report shows that the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay furthered its success as the “fastest growing university in the state” with a 5.2% year-over-year increase in Spring enrollment. The report was headlined by a highest-ever Spring headcount of 8,025*.

While statewide and national trendlines for enrollment have sharply declined in recent years, UW-Green Bay continues to defy expectations with strong and sustainable growth across the board. With over 70% of alumni working in Northeast Wisconsin upon graduating, that success directly fuels economic opportunity in the region and quality of life across the third-largest metro area in the state.

UW-Green Bay is seeing significant growth in the Rising Phoenix program, nursing, psychology, writing and applied arts, and sociology and anthropology. The Cofrin School of Business continues to grow in majors such as accounting, finance, human resource management, management, and marketing. There has also been substantial growth in new and existing graduate programs, like the M.S. in Biodiversity Conservation and Management, M.S. in Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning, and M.S. in Applied Biotechnology.

“UW-Green Bay’s extraordinary growth speaks directly to what it means to be a regional comprehensive, which is building up our region and communities from within,” said UW-Green Bay Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Kate Burns. “Core to our access mission is ensuring that anyone who chooses to pursue further learning finds opportunity at UW-Green Bay. We are deepening the ways we support students throughout their journey with embedded academic and career advising so students can continue to rise post-graduation.”

From engaging high school students through dual enrollment programs like Rising Phoenix, to providing access to a certificate or credential, the university is uniquely positioned for long-term success since it continues to open educational pathways for a variety of learners across the region. And by prioritizing academic and support services throughout the student journey, each student is well-positioned for a successful trajectory towards graduation.

UW Green Bay

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is a multi-campus comprehensive university offering exemplary undergraduate, master’s and select doctoral programs and operating with a commitment to excellence in teaching, scholarship and research, and service to the community. The University provides a problem focused educational experience that promotes critical thinking and student success.

The culture and vision of the University reflect a deep commitment to diversity, inclusion, social justice, civic engagement, and educational opportunity at all levels. Our core values embrace community-based partnerships, collaborative faculty scholarship and innovation.

Our commitment to a university that promotes access, career success, cross-discipline collaboration, cultural enrichment, economic development, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability is demonstrated through a wide array of programs and certifications offered in four colleges: College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; College of Science, Engineering and Technology (including the Richard Resch School of Engineering); College of Health, Education and Social Welfare; and the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business, leading to a range of degrees, including AAS, BA, BAS, BBA, BM, BS, BSN, BSW, MS, MSW, MSN, and Ed.D.​