Webfitters Delivers online streaming service to help during COVID 19 and beyond

Posted on 4-16-2020

Webfitters, a leading web development company headquartered in Green Bay,  announced today the release of “Your Event Stream” www.YourEventStream.live.

Businesses and organizations which typically rely on in-person gatherings to provide their services can’t provide those services during the Stay At Home Order, and are desperately searching for a solution which can be implemented right away and without a lot of technical expertise.

Brick and mortar businesses and organizations now have a need to provide an online, and often very private, version of the service they provide.

“One of our customers, a funeral home, came to us and said they need an easy to use and secure way of providing funeral services via the web.  With limits on in-person gatherings and the travel restrictions in place, family members and friends from near and far no longer have a good way to support family members and to participate in the services”, said John Walczyk, Webfitters CEO.  

“Due to privacy issues surrounding our customer’s service, we developed a solution in record time that will allow a funeral home to live stream and record a service using a smartphone.” 

To enhance the effectiveness of the service, Webfitters has built in an option to use a bluetooth speaker instead of the smartphone’s built in microphone, which gives the customer flexibility to place the camera anywhere in the room without concern about audio quality.

“We launched the service last week and had our first funeral last Friday.  Family members from all over the country participated online and were thankful for the opportunity to say their good byes.”, Walczyk said.

While a funeral home is a great example of an organization which could benefit from “Your Event Stream”, many other businesses can benefit from the service, as well.  Churches, schools, musicians, small business owners and more will have to adapt to the “new normal”, and the “new normal” is going to rely on the internet to a great extent to effectively communicate with their customers.


To learn more about “Your Event Stream”, visit www.YourEventStream.live or email Webfitters at [email protected]