Webfitters Helps Startup “Lap Two” Launch New Auction Platform for Vintage Motorcycles

Posted on 8-01-2019

Congratulations to LapTwo on the launch of their brand new website!

Jeff Stieg and Joe Weber launched LapTwo.com in 2019 in response to the frustration they felt while trying to buy and sell vintage parts online. Traditional marketplace platforms proved to be expensive and generally provided a poor user experience since they’re not tailored for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The idea was simple: An online community created and run by people who are passionate about motorcycles where buying and selling motorcycles and parts is easy and affordable.

We worked closely with their team to build an online space to auction off vintage motorcycle parts, similar to other auction sites, but with reduced cost and hassle. Sellers can upload parts and descriptions and buyers and browse, place bids and track auctions. On the backend, we provided them with a content management system that makes it easy and stress-free to make various edits and updates.

Check it out here: https://laptwo.com/

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