Webfitters Launches New Website for Terry Talks Nutrition

Posted on 12-30-2020

Humans are not the only things that need their health monitored and maintained, websites do too! It’s only fitting that Terry have as healthy of a website as do the bodies and mindset of the people with whom he shares his knowledge.

Because Terry Talks Nutrition’s website was almost 10 years old, there was a backlog of information spanning half a decade that needed proper organization and categorization. An easy to navigate website that’s not bogged down by an abundance of content is crucial to creating a robust web presence. Webfitters made changes that accommodate the needs of a healthy-functioning website.

“With Terry’s team by our side, we began by combing through their analytics to determine high-traffic areas,” said Webfitters President & CEO John Walczyk.  “This would help with the site map and overall organization of the website because we could identify which pages needed to be more accessible to the audience.”

“The overall look of the page had to be redesigned so the audience was instantly attracted to the website. This would allow for further engagement and help build excitement in the user as they viewed the available content!  Also, we enabled a tag system and a ‘favorite’ feature to make searching for an article easier and categorizing the content super simple. To make the site even more engaging, our team implemented a hashtag feed system which pulls in Tweets that feature a specific hashtag unique to their site.”

“We are proud to launch their new website and look forward to Phase II of the build which focuses on a remodeled user experience!”

Congratulations to Terry Talks Nutrition (https://www.terrytalksnutrition.com/) on the launch of their new and improved website!

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