Webfitters turns 20 in 2020!

Posted on 12-26-2019

Webfitters has enjoyed crafting technology-based solutions to our customers’  business problems for the last twenty years.

 “Lasting 20 years in our industry is not an easy thing to do. We are in a very competitive industry with a limited talent pool.  We have been very fortunate to have a team that is very skilled at what they do, and one that focuses on helping our customers succeed”, said John Walczyk, Webfitters Founder and CEO.

Throughout the year, Webfitters will be celebrating their 20th anniversary by hosting get-togethers for their existing clients as well as companies who may benefit from the services they provide.

“During 2019, we grew our client base significantly, while giving back to our community by partnering with area non-profits which don’t enjoy the larger marketing budgets of their for-profit counterparts.  We look forward to expanding the support of our area non-profits in 2020.

Many companies in our industry are being challenged to stay afloat.  We are thankfully on a path toward growth and innovation.  Our industry continually presents new technologies that can help our customers, and we will continue to research those new technologies and incorporate them into the solutions we build.”

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