Webiftters Launches Website for Green Bay Fraternal Order of Police

Posted on 12-27-2018

John Walczyk and his team at Webfitters are happy to announce the launching of a new website for the Green Bay Fraternal Order of Police.

 When the Green Bay Fraternal Order of Police came to Webfitters, they were looking for a website that both shared their story and offered an easy-to-manage dashboard. Since the website is managed by volunteers, simplicity was a must. The website also needed to give visitors information on upcoming events, as well as their community involvement. 

Webfitters was able to provide them with a product that tells the story of what they do in the community, as well as giving their members the information they need.

The website gives its members quick access to purchase event tickets, pay their annual dues, and provides them news and updates related to what is happening within the organization. The Content Management System, or CMS, we were able to provide them with is user-friendly and makes it easy for their volunteer staff to monitor and optimize.

Webfitters works with clients to understand their current pain points, objectives, and goals. From there, they use a variety of strategies and resources to provide them with a “purpose-built solution” – a custom solution that will save time, money, or both!

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