Wello Launches “Yield to Your Neighbor” Campaign for Brown County

Posted on 5-13-2021

BROWN COUNTY, WI – Wello has launched their latest co-created community effort to improve well-being for all in Brown County with the Yield to Your Neighbor campaign. The number one action we can all take to improve safety and reduce crashes throughout our community is yielding. This campaign highlights this one action so people of all ages and abilities are able to safely move throughout our community by bike, foot, or on wheels.

“We believe our children should be able to safely walk, bike, or roll to school, a friend’s house, or to grab a bite to eat,” said Wello Executive Director, Natalie Bomstad. “We believe that being in a wheelchair shouldn’t be a barrier to exploring our downtown shops or enjoying our trails and we believe that a parent with a child in a stroller should be able to enjoy the fresh air. We believe that everyone who calls Greater Green Bay home, our neighbors, should be able to be active safely.”

The campaign will consist of sharing resident stories, experiences, and reasons for why it is so important to yield through social media posts, newsletters, local media, and our website. It will also highlight work of partners that are contributing to make a safer and more connected community.

In attendance for the launch of the campaign were members of the Greater Green Bay Active Communities Alliance as well as other community supporters. This included representation from elected officials, bike and walking advocates, law enforcement, nonprofits, local government officials, and education and healthcare representatives.



Those in attendance received their Yield to Your Neighbor shirts to wear while they are out in the community.