Wello Study: Most in Green Bay Area Enjoy Their Quality of Life

Posted on 10-13-2022

Wello’s Community Health and Well-being Survey is a bi-annual measurement effort in Greater Green Bay (Brown County, Wisconsin) to collect local data on residents’ perspectives of their physical and psychological health, social relationships and the environments in which they live, work and play.

For 2021, the majority of Green Bay Area respondents, 78%, reported good quality of life, and 58% reported a high level of satisfaction with their health.

The study compares responses in the 2021 survey to those in 2019, and goes deeply into detail on several topics, levels, and factors.

You can read the entire study HERE.

Information Credit: Wello. (2022). Wello Community Health and Well-Being Survey: Brown County, Wisconsin, 2021 Survey Results. Retrieved from www.wello.org/measure.