What You Should Know About Upcoming Fall Leaf Collections In Your Area

Posted on 10-14-2021

It’s that time of year again.  Beautiful fall colors are almost at their peak.  Once that’s over, the leaves will fall and area residents will be tasked with disposing of them.  Some people prefer to return the nutrients of the leaves to the earth by mulching; however, for many homeowners the volume of leaves is too great to benefit from mulching.

Many communities provide leaf and garden waste drop off facilities and others provide curbside leaf pickup as a service of the municipality, as well as drop off facilities.  Most communities which offer curbside pickup will be starting the process on Monday, October 18th.

Rules of how to prepare your garden waste, leaves and brush vary from community to community.  Knowing the rules upfront will save area residents frustration and help your local government efficiently collect and dispose of the leaves.  We’ve reviewed the websites of most of the local municipalities to help you be informed of your local community rules.

Save yourself some trouble, and view the rules of your community below:

De Pere  deperewi.gov

Allouez  villageofallouez.com

Green Bay   greenbaywi.gov

Howard   villageofhoward.com

Hobart   cityofhobart.org

Denmark   denmark-wi.org

Bellevue   villageofbellevue.org

Happy Autumn!