What’s Your Pleasure ~ Cookie Walk or Cupcake War?

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose — You can do both at From Above Youth Center & Bakery!

Our Cookie walk started Thursday (Dec 13th).  We will also have it Friday, and then next week Tuesday through Friday, 8:30am – 3:00pm. 

Come and pick out the cookies and candies that you want; priced at $8.99/lb.  Our Christmas cut out cookies are $1.50 each, Gingerbread “people” are $1.00 each.  You can even stop by and pick up a cookie basket which includes one dozen cookies, 3 different colored frostings, and 4 different kinds of sprinkles,  to take home and do with your family.  Let us do all the hard work for you! Kits are $18 each.

Now, What about that Cupcake War?

Here You Go:

This is our 1st annual Cupcake War between the youth groups and or families. It will be held on Friday, January 11th.  The more people you invite to come, the more chances you have at winning. 

What you need:

         One cupcake to display for judging

         2 Sheet cakes to be cut into small bite size pieces need about 400 + pieces.

        Your own tablecloth and whatever you want to decorate your table

You can invite your parish to help you in donating the ingredients you need to make it.

From Above will provide all the material you need at the event:

 Tables, gloves, sample cups, small spoons, napkins.  You will have a 4’ spot on the table for display, samples and decorations. There will be a table behind you to do your prep work and storage of cake.

Judging will be on:



            Creativity (be creative on your cupcake, flavor(s) and decorations)

There will be 4 awards:

            Crozier award   1st place plaque and money

            Crozier award 2nd place plaque

            People’s choice award 1st place plaque & money

            People’s award 2nd place plaque

We have a celebrity Chef; Chef Ace Champion, as one of the judges along with Bishop David Ricken and a Sister from St. Francis Holy Cross.  We are in need of 2 more judges.

Event will take place at Nativity parish located at 2270 S. Oneida St. Green Bay, WI  54304, in   Bona hall.  Doors will be open by 3:30 pm for set up.  You must be all set and ready for judging at 5:45pm.

From Above Youth Center & Bakery

Our Mission Statement & Purpose

  • Gathering God’s family around His table to faithfully serve, celebrate, connect and grow.

Our Vision:

  • The original vision of From Above was for teens to have a safe and fun place to go where they can discuss and deepen their faith.  A place where true Christian friendships are developed.  As time went on, now in our 3rd year, God has us on a more diverse journey.  We are now working with not only kids but people with special needs, families, the homebound and the community.
  • From Above is also a place for families to come together to celebrate, connect and grow.  
  • By having the students and people with special abilities work in the bakery, it will give them life skills to help them in the future.  To teach them how to work together, solve problems, take responsibility for their actions and to bring Gods love into the community and be a witness for Christ.
  • The bakery will produce quality baked goods using the best ingredients, exceptional customer service and most of all, using the gifts in which God gave us. The students will have a strong love for Christ and will be witnesses for Him.