YMCA Joins Nation’s Non-Profits in Urging Congress to Act on Non-Profit Support In Response to COVID-19 Crisis

Posted on 3-20-2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis that is crippling America, YMCA of the USA joined more than 100 leading nonprofit organizations in urging Congress to pass $60 billion and policy recommendations to support nonprofits working on the ground to meet community needs.

These leading nonprofits stressed to Congress the urgency of taking dramatic and immediate action, as the nonprofit sector’s service is needed like never before. 

Nonprofits like the Y are frontline responders providing food, shelter, medical services, childcare services and more to those in need. However, the current economic downturn will undoubtedly result in a reduction of contributions and other sources of revenue that are the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations.

“For 149 years, the Greater Green Bay YMCA has been a pillar in the community, working diligently to respond to needs and support those who need it most,” said Sean Elliott, president and CEO of Greater Green Bay YMCA. “The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to close our doors and stop delivering programs and services our community simply will not be the same without. When this is over and we reopen our doors, we need to be ready to spring into action to get back to the work that this community looks to us to do. However, like other nonprofit organizations, we will need significant support from the federal government to sustain our operations and care for our staff until that time comes.”

America’s nonprofits are requesting an immediate infusion of $60 billion to maintain operations, expand scope to address increasing demands and stabilize losses from closures throughout the country. Nonprofits also are making a series of priority policy recommendations to Congress that are needed to help the nonprofit sector continue to serve the American people. They include:

As 10 percent of U.S. GDP, nonprofits employ 12 million workers and YMCAs employ 260,000 staff. We need policies in place to retain them. 

Nonprofits need business continuity relief as we are on the frontlines serving people, especially those in need. 

Payroll tax credit relief will help nonprofit organizations, as it is the most significant tax we pay. 

An “above-the-line” or universal charitable deduction for contributions should be enacted at least through the end of 2021.

Since 1871, the Greater Green Bay YMCA has embraced the balanced strength of spirit, mind and body. We’ve put Christian principles into practice, and stood for caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. We serve more than 33,000 members and remain steadfastly committed to offering programs and providing places where healthy lives and community enrichment comes alive.

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