Groundhog Day: What Will Jimmy See?

Posted on 1-30-2020

UPDATE: Jimmy The Groundhog Sees His Shadow!

This coming Sunday is known as Candlemas Day, and tied to the traditional celebration of that day is an old European proverb:

“If the day is bright and clear, there’ll be two winters in the year.”

And, who better to determine the brightness and clearness of the day, than the ORIGINAL Groundhog Day Groundhog – Jimmy?

Yes, we’ve heard of some character named Phil, out in Pennsylvania, but we know that the Real Groundhog is in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin!

So, now that we’ve established that Jimmy is THE Groundhog, all that’s left to find out is …

Will he see his shadow, or Won’t he?  He didn’t see it in 2019, but what will happen this year?

While you’re waiting to find out, you might enjoy reading up on the history of Groundhog Day.

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Whatever Jimmy Sees or Says, The Green Bay News Network wishes Everyone a Happy Groundhog Day!